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Welcome to Willsan Transformers

Willsan Transformers, a Private Limited Company, is a dynamic entity that designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of Power & Distribution Transformers. We are committed to produce innovative products with high quality standards.

Every single Transformer is unique – designed according to individual factors such as voltage, power, climate, system topography, sound level and many more, that render its service reliably at site. These transformers are electricity friendly and hence provide you with less power consumption and more output and help you in cost minimization.

Tested From

MECB Type Tested Transformers Manufacturers ,Quality Transformers ,Power Transformer Repair,Repairs of Power and Distribution Transformers,Distribution Transformer Repair


Our Vision

  • Energy Conservation through Innovative Technology
  • Providing Higher Return on Investment and long term Savings
  • To have Efficient, Reliable and Sustainable Power Distribution system

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Our Endeavour

  • Optimization of Capacity Utilization
  • Achievement of Distribution Reforms
  • Optimization of Electricity Utilization by Technology Up gradation
  • Control over Input Costs - Optimization of Fuel for Generation

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Our Commitments

  • We assure 55% saving in total owning cost, that is Initial cost plus cost of energy losses during the life time that would be incurred for ordinary conventional transformer.

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